ONEgeneration is excited to be in the Northwest Valley!  Thank you for your patient throughout this transition period.  

We will be offering a variety of programs and services specifically designed to empower and enrich our seniors while enhancing the quality of their everyday life.

Please email our Senior Center Director Rhonda Bunnin for program questions or call (818) 654-8376.

Click here to view the menu.  Lunch is available in person  weekdays 11:30am to 12:30pm.  

Join Programs Such As:

Exercise Classes
  • Body Conditioning
  • Chair Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Arthritis/Balance
  • Table Tennis
  • Chair exercise program or our unique, “Be Fit While You Sit” program (for those with activity restrictions)
  • Exercise through dance, including: Tap, Jazz, Zumba, Country Line and Folk Dancing
Other Classes
  • Spanish (Beginners and Advanced)
  • Nutrition
  • Discussion and Support Groups
  • Improv Acting
  • Board games, Scrabble

Services Include:

  • Daily lunch weekdays in the Dining Center, congregate lunches are available at no cost, we appreciate a $3.00 contribution per meal ** See contribution statement at the bottom of the page.
  • Free legal assistance
  • Advocacy assistance
  • Income tax services
  • Mental health assistance, counseling, and support groups
  • Transportation assistance

More About ONEgeneration Wilkinson Senior Center - Northridge

Our Hours: 8:00 AM to 4 PM

There is a $15.00 annual contribution* to help support the operations and programs at the center. A portion of the senior center funding for programs comes from the City of Los Angeles Department of Aging. 

*Annual Contribution is a suggested contribution.  See contribution statement at the bottom of the page. We appreciate the continuous support of your local senior center.

For more information regarding this program or to join the mailing list feel free to

** Contribution Statement: There is no obligation to contribute, and any contribution is purely voluntary. Services will continue to be made available to you whether you make a contribution. Your privacy and confidentiality will be protected with respect to our choice to contribute or not to contribute. Procedures are in place to safeguard and account for any contributions made. All collected contributions are used to support the service program for which you are contributing.

Methods used to solicit voluntary contributions shall be non-coercive and contributions must be used to expand the service for which the payment or contribution were given, and supplement (not supplant) funds received under the OAA.