Warm smiles delivering hot meals

Good nutrition should be a staple in every older adult’s diet, as this is a key to living a healthy lifestyle.  Oftentimes those joining our program find that they have not been receiving the proper nutrition they need with ongoing medical conditions or limited resources.   Balanced & easy to eat daily meals are key to staying nourished and active. 

Homebound Meal Delivery

ONEgeneration offers delivered meals every weekday to seniors 60+ living within the Southwest San Fernando Valley.  These hot prepared meals are delivered Monday through Friday by friendly drivers. 

Meals are delivered at no cost, however a $3.00 per meal contribution is appreciated to support the program.  Contribution envelopes are provided weekly. *See our contribution statement at the bottom of the page. 

Areas we serve: 91303, 91304*, 91305, 91306, 91307, 91316, 91335, 91356, 91364*, 91367, 91403*, 91406*, 91436*    (*Zip codes may have partial coverage)

Please contact Harold’s Help Desk at 818-708-6624 or email info@onegeneration.org (please include full name, address and phone number) if you are interested in our meal program or for eligibility. 

To find out more about our Homebound Meals program please contact (818) 708-6624 or email info@onegeneration.org

For homebound meal delivery in the areas of City of San Fernando and Calabasas/Agoura Hills please click here
to be directed to more information. 

*Contribution Statement: There is no obligation to contribute, and any contribution is purely voluntary. Services will continue to be made available to you whether you make a contribution. Your privacy and confidentiality will be protected with respect to our choice to contribute or not to contribute. Procedures are in place to safeguard and account for any contributions made. All collected contributions are used to support the service program for which you are contributing.

Methods used to solicit voluntary contributions shall be non-coercive and contributions must be used to expand the service for which the payment or contribution were given, and supplement (not supplant) funds received under the OAA.