at ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center (OSEC)


Wednesday  10:00 – 11:00
Instructor: Joanne

Zumba is a Latin-inspired series of fitness moves from many types of dances: meringue, samba, mambo, and more.  As the instructor, Joanne, says “it’s a party dance, where you sweat it all out, and feel good!”

zumba_4211And indeed, you can feel the excitement in the air before the class even gets started as eager class members gather and Joanne sets up her music. Once the catchy, modern dance tunes begin, Joanne starts warming everyone up and telling them to “bring your mind to the dance” in a effort to align mind-body coordination.

She guides them along to the music — “okay let’s do it!” — and soon has everyone clapping, stretching and shaking to the beat. She demonstrates and they follow along as she starts with hands, then shoulders and arms, has them reach up, stand on their toes and swivel their hips.

Joanne leads from the front, but also weaves her way among the group, giving encouragement. “You can do free form,” she tells them. “You don’t have to start on the same foot as me, just stay in rhythm and keep dancing!”

Soon everyone is working up a sweat and it is time for a short water break. There are actually multiple water breaks throughout this relatively short class.


“That’s because everybody is moving, working up a sweat,” Joanne explains.  “Hydrate!” she calls out to the class. “And smile!”

And smile they do.  Everyone is having a great time. “Isn’t it amazing?” a dancer asks. “I’m 78!”  The students seem to love Joanne. “She’s the best I ever saw,” says one.

Joanne says the dance has a therapeutic, healing effect and by the end everyone does seem energized.

“My passion is dancing,” says Joanne, “and they can feel my joy. My love of dance is contagious!”

Come on down and see for yourself!