Quest / World Issues

at ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center (OSEC)

Quest / World Issues
Thursdays  1:00 – 2:30 pm
Moderated by Sam Behmoiras

This discussion group is one of the most popular classes at OSEC, with people showing up a half an hour before the start time to claim a seat.  Sam, a former university professor, has been moderating for the past couple of years and the participants seem to love him. Once in a while someone else wants to step up and moderate and Sam is fine with that, because usually the seniors will clamor for Sam to come back and do it after all.

Sam brings a list of possible discussion topics, issues he has gleaned from the news and conversation. This list is usually just a backup, since someone will start by raising their hand and introducing a topic. Sam will only recognize those with their hands up, and interruptions are not allowed, though they do happen. In fact, the discussions can become quite heated, but a general sense of consideration and humor seems to prevail. But Sam does make it clear, “if you do not follow the rules, you have to leave the room.”


If a topic veers into an area too controversial or unpleasant, Sam will suggest a subject change, or sometimes the one subject will lead into another, or just talk itself out. In a recent class, the subject was changed 10 times in the 90 minute session. The class is so popular, says Sam, because “people like to get the opportunity to speak their minds.”

Though the class has its regular stalwarts, there are always some new faces at each meeting. Some talk more than others, and some just listen. One thing is certain, there are no shortage of opinions. Come on out and join the discussion!