Oil Painting

at ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center (OSEC)

Oil Painting

Tuesday  10:00 – 11:30
Instructor: Tamara

This course has been taught by Tamara for 2 years and is open to any and all, from absolute beginner to expert painter. Tamara, an award-winning painter and graphic artist originally from the Ukraine, takes an individual approach with each student. “Some are beginning, some have experience — everyone needs help, just at different levels,” says Tamara.

oilpainting_4269Tamara goes on to explain that she teaches not just painting — painting is only part of art — she also gives instruction in anatomy, composition and other associated topics, like linear perspective, for example. “This class is important for everyone. It gives them a chance to say something about themselves — it is a beautiful way to show who you are.”

Tamara is especially helpful to beginners and encourages everyone to come and try oil painting, no matter what your level of experience. She gives advice on supplies and where to get what you need and how to get started. She will tell you about the primary colors, complementary colors, and color value and texture.  She says it is not scary, it is something everyone should know!

oilpainting_4261Tamara is careful to point out that, though it is very important for a painter to feel their work is appreciated, no one in class will judge you or your work:  the important thing is to express yourself. You will increase your skills, enjoy it more, and then get even better!

The class members put on exhibitions and have even sold some paintings. And they love the class and Tamara: “She is a great teacher,” says one student. “Oh yes, very helpful and patient!” says another. A third sums it up: “This is a great class!”

So come on down, Tamara will help you get started. Express yourself!