Low Impact Tap/Jazz

at ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center (OSEC)

Low Impact Tap/Jazz

Tuesday and Thursday 1:00 – 3:00
Instructor: Arlene Zoren

Arlene has taught this class for 10 years, pretty remarkable considering she never tapped in her life until starting the class as a student just a few years before becoming teacher!  Now she not only teaches steps — she also choreographs routines for the class to learn.

Arlene, who emphasizes the class is “low impact”, meaning she has modified some of the classic steps so they are easier on the knees and so on, says the “Jazz” part of the class title means the dances are not entirely tapping, there are also some “Fosse moves.”


When the class is learning a new dance (she likes the class to have five or so routines for the end of the year show), Arlene shows them the moves, they practice the steps, then they do them again, this time along to music.  Then she irons out the rough spots, answers questions, and makes some adjustments. Then they run through it again, with music.


The students have a great time as Arlene calls out words of encouragement. “For just learning this, you are awesome!  We are already 85% there and will soon be polished!” After a short break, the class works on a different routine.

fran_4077All of the students are stars in their own way, but a special mention must be made of Fran Hoyt, who at 91 years young sometimes steals the show. “I’ve been tap dancing since I was four!” says Fran, pictured at left.

New students are welcome, come early and Arlene will see where you are at and help to get you caught up to the rest of the class.  After all, if the teacher started as an absolute beginner, you can too!