Documentary Film & Discussion

at ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center (OSEC)

Documentary Film & Discussion

Monday 1:00 – 3:00 
Instructor: Stan

This class is just what it sounds like: a documentary film is screened and then a discussion of the film takes place among the viewers.  The class is presided over by Stan Neville who chooses the film and leads the discussion. Films are usually about 90 minutes in length, leaving about a half hour for discussion, though sometimes there are pee breaks.

Stan, a retired businessman originally from Canada, has been hosting the class for a couple of years now, and says in that time he has screened documentaries on every topic imaginable: food, space, elephants, Ben Franklin, water conservation, past presidents, World War II, Stephen Hawking, Alexander the Great, and much more.

Stan has been coming to the Center for over 5 years and he takes some of the other classes offered, like World Issues. The idea for his class came about when Stan — a self-avowed “news junkie” who says he can’t stand “the usual crap on television” — had the idea that maybe some others felt the same way. And it caught on.


Stan, though he styles himself “an engaging non-confrontational person,” says he also likes to challenge his viewers a little bit. Stan borrows the DVDs from the library and says he has lots of ideas about what else to show. “These movies are a slice of life,” he says.

After watching the film, participants talk about what they could relate to and what not. Viewers raise their hand to speak, or Stan will ask individuals what they thought, and many times the participants will veer off into personal reminiscences.

Stan welcomes new participants and recommends showing up a little early — the show starts at one o’clock sharp!