Country Line Dancing

at ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center (OSEC)

Country Line Dancing
Thursday 2:00 – 3:00
Tuesday 3:30 – 4:30 (Intermediate)
Instructor: Michael Bendavid

Mike, an award-winning DJ and country dance instructor who has choreographed for TV and film, has been teaching line dancing at OSEC since 1994.

Mike urges everyone to try it, and don’t worry if you have no experience.  “Anyone can do it,” assures Mike. “It doesn’t matter who you are, what size you are, how old you are. Look around at these people. Outside of this room you would never know they were country line dancers!”

But the students seem to know what they are doing. What about total newbies? “Just show up,” advises Mike, “and start dancing.” It doesn’t take long at all, he explains, to learn the lingo and catch on to the steps. “Some of the dances might seem complicated at first, but when you learn them one step at a time you’ll soon get it.”  Everyone there is learning at their own pace. Besides, it’s fun!

“People come out to connect, meet others, learn a new dance and make new friends. It really helps get you in good spirits. It’s good for your dexterity without taking too much out of you, and it’s good for your brain too, as you learn the steps. And,” jokes Mike, “it’s good for your…uh…um…memory!”

Beginners start in the middle of the line so they can always watch someone no matter which way they turn. Class starts off with a bit of music and Mike leads the students in a basic dance with just a few moves. Then he turns off the music and gives some instruction on steps for the next dance. Once the class works through it a few times, the music comes back on and the fun cranks up a notch!


Mike calls out the steps as the class moves along. “Sliiiide together, kick ball change. Sliiiide together, kick ball change.”

As the dance proceeds, Mike makes it a point to touch base with everyone in the class, see how they are doing, and give them some pointers. And the students love it.

“He’s fun, he’s patient, and he tells great stories!” gushes one participant.

Mike smiles. “I come here to make happy faces,” he says. Mission accomplished!