Chair Exercise

at ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center (OSEC)

Chair Exercise
Monday & Wednesday 9:45 – 11:15
Instructor: Chhiv Ngov

Class leader Chhiv says, “Chair Exercise might not sound very exciting, but don’t let the name fool you —you will move in this class!”  Chhiv, who has been teaching Chair Exercise at OSEC for about 6 years now, goes on, “this is not a class where you don’t do anything. We don’t just sit! We stand up and move. We do calisthenics. We learn how to use our joints and muscles.”

chair_3970Chhiv starts each class with a warm-up, then gets the participants into some stretching, moving up and down and sideways. They also move to music, and even do some weight training.

There is a social aspect too that appeals to the students — they chat while they exercise.

Chhiv emphasizes that unlike other classes that may be similar, she provides personal attention and even a little bit of discipline.

And it seems to get results. When asked about the benefits of the class, 86 year old Bernie Wright says, “I’m disabled, a Korean War vet. Three years ago I used a cane and walker but today they’re in the car! And I’ve lost weight, too!”

chair_3971Larry, another student, says he started a while ago because it looked fun. Now, he says “I’ve gone from a 42 waist to a 36!”  Another student says “I couldn’t touch my toes, now I can put my hands on the floor!”

Ginger says “I’m fairly new, but it’s definitely worthwhile. We move everything — it’s improved my balance and flexibility. Everybody our age needs that.”

Chhiv encourages newcomers. “If you try it,” she says, “you will feel better.”