Seniors & Students

Intergenerational Programs


All programs from ONEgeneration are supported by a strong volunteer core.  Students play an important role in the success and quality of services we provide.  High school students tutor seniors one on one on the computer, learning internet navigation and how to email.  College interns in Gerontology, Social Welfare, Public Health, Nursing and many other fields of study join us each semester for course credit.  These students have the opportunity to gain hands on learning experiences working directly with seniors with cognitive impairments, completing assessments during home visits, working with young children and much more.



Developing empathy through the power of conversation is the theme of this intergenerational program.  Active older adults are joined with local high school students and paired for an 8 week program.  Connections are made through interviews prompting reflection questions, discussion topics and leading to future goals.  A close bond is made in this short amount of time as the Sage learns about this younger generation and all they have to offer, and the Seeker learns life lessons from the challenges and triumphs of their Sage. (Several of these pairs can be seen in our photo gallery below)


ONEgeneration’s school based program combines individual services, strong linkages to community resources and peer group education sessions to help first time pregnant and parenting teens avoid subsequent pregnancies. Core activities of the program revolve around a series of weekly workshops and presentations to help each participant with the following goals:  (1) avoid a subsequent pregnancy, (2) connect with resources and services in the community, (3) enhance parenting abilities and understanding of child development, (4) remain in high school with the goal of graduation/completion, and (5) preparation to achieve their education and career goals.

To reach these objectives, ONEgeneration collaborates with local providers and agencies to connect participants with clinical services and community resources.  We also integrate senior volunteers who serve as mentors for encouragement and support. To date, ONEgeneration has facilitated this program at the following high schools (John R. Wooden High School, Cleveland, James Monroe, Van Nuys, Will Rogers, Cal Burke, and Polytechnic).