Transitioning to a new home or apartment?  Tips for seniors in transition…

3 Steps to “Rightsize” before moving into your new home at any age (or any time of life).

We are beyond loyal people in this world, holding on to memories, objects, things that take us to a place in the past.  But let’s face it, we will probably never use it again.  As time marches on, so must we.  A little organization can go a long way as we face the; “WHY’ start now”? Yes, there are mixed emotions, vulnerability and fear of the unknown or change, not only for seniors but for all of us. However, a little organization can create peacefulness, order and distress your move.


Donate that old sofa, free items that you no longer need.  Donate tools to local schools, shelters and even trash items that cannot be donated.  Get creative at this step and purge.


Categorizing can be the ultimate inventory control, physically accounting for every item in the home.  Often integrated with “sorting,” this can also be the most time-consuming because this is where touch decisions have to be made, but this is POWERFUL step to rightsizing.

Place items into clear bins categorized by; “Donation”, “Sell”, “Give to Relative” and “Keep.”  Another idea of categorizing can be to use the color code method.  For example, moving to new home can be the color yellow or sale of an item can be green. Use a simple method for sorting throughout the home that works for you.


When you get to the ORGANIZE step, you should feel proud and accomplished.  Unpacking and setting up your new home is also the time to establish a new system.  It does not have to be picture perfect, but something that is simple for you and your family to upkeep and maintain.

It’s never too early to start your move.  Leaving the details for last minute can cause an emotional and physical mayhem.  Going to your new place prepared and ‘rightsized’ will fill you with pride and achievement, making the transition 100X better and simpler.

Cynthia Rabinovitch is a Certified Senior Advisor and President of Move MY Senior; directly assisting seniors transition into their new homes.  For more information about Move MY Senior, please visit or call 818-934-1506.