Thanksgiving is over. I don’t really like turkey, but to feed the crowd I made two (actually my son was put in charge of one on the barbeque).  Every year Thanksgiving is a little different. My adult children alternate the holidays with us and their spouse’s family.  This was the first year in a long time a toddler was running around. My 15 month old granddaughter kept the mood light and happy. It was also the first Thanksgiving without my Father who died in October.  The dynamics of family are ever changing from year to year. Our ONEgeneration family changes too.  Every preschool classroom develops a culture, a way of doing things and a way of getting along.  It is the same in our Adult Day Care, seniors developing new friends in this stage of their life…the stage where they need assistance during the day. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, outgoing or reserved, finding friendships at every age enriches our daily lives.  We do it a little differently than most. We recognize the value in bringing together the young and the old. Friendships are only a part of it. Children bask in the attention of the seniors, and seniors feel needed and have a purpose. It is reciprocal. If you have thought group care in a daytime setting for you loved one, whether young or old, call us and come take a look. ONEgeneration may be the perfect solution for your family. Tours and visits can be arranged by calling Anna or Beth at 818-708-6625.