Summertime is here!!  And with it comes the often difficult task of keeping ourselves and our senior loved ones cool and hydrated.  As we age, our thirst signals become weaker, and those with memory problems often forget to drink enough fluids.  Here are some tips for you to help prevent dehydration:

  1. Ask the doctor how much water you or your loved one should be drinking during the day and drink small amounts of water with each meal and several times per day.
  2. If you or your loved one has special dietary needs, ask the doctor what other beverages you can use to supplement fluid intake (i.e. sugar free drinks, sports drinks, electrolyte enhanced waters, etc.).
  3. Fresh fruits and vegetables, smoothies, watered down juices, and popsicles are other foods and drinks that can help you stay hydrated.  Be sure you pick ingredients that fit within your dietary guidelines.
  4. Avoid beverages with caffeine and alcohol because these can lead to dehydration as they have diuretic qualities.
  5. Watch for signs of dehydration and seek treatment immediately. Signs of dehydration include dry skin, fatigue, headache, dark urine and bags under the eyes. If there are signs of dehydration, please seek medical treatment immediately. Dehydration can be a serious, even potentially fatal, medical condition.