“Is it hot enough for you?”  I am not asking that (because it really is hot enough), but because it seems I have heard this all week about the weather and humidity we have been experiencing.  ONEgeneration has a few hundred people to keep cool and comfortable every day.  The youngest baby at 4 months and our oldest senior at 100 years stay cool with our efficiently air cooled rooms thanks to a grant in 2011 from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.  This grant funded our “Cool Roof”, a white reflective coating that saves on cooling costs in the summer by up to 20%.  We have other avenues to keep cool throughout the summer and not just during a heat wave. The childcare program has wacky water-play on Wednesdays and some senior fun is found in lemonade parties and root beer floats in the afternoon.  The Senior Enrichment group can sign up to receive a free fan for their home (thank you again LA DWP) and the center is a designated cooling center for anyone needed to duck out of the heat into the cool environment and have a nice cold drink of water.   The center hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm.  If you need to cool off in the coming days, call 818 708-6625 to see what we have in store for you,  or your loved one whether it is to find something meaningful to do during the day, to ensure a dependent loved one is happy in a secure environment or to make a difference and hear about our programs needing volunteers-we have something for everyone!