I recently heard a great story from one of our Adult Day Care Families.  One of our Clients, Richard (88) was going to get a haircut (his daughter Ann drove him to the local barbershop).  Richard has dementia and uses a walker. He has a favorite barber, a kind woman named Julie-and I hear if Julie is not there, he will go home and return another day.   Richard slowly made his way into the barber shop. Julie had a customer who was just getting out of the chair. Richard, not missing a beat, kept right on going, heading for Julie’s station.  He didn’t see the three men waiting their turn for a haircut.  One man saw what was happening, and piped. “Hey, there are three of us ahead of you!”.  Julie shot the three a look and then very politely said, “No, it is his turn.”  All three men sat back and realized that Julie was right…in a world that is full of good people, it was his turn.

I smiled when I heard this. I wanted to use this an a great example of how one woman reminded three men about respect for those that may need to take their turn out of order.  Seniors today are living longer, and thriving in their retirement years…but some are frail and need a little extra consideration.  We hear every day about the not so good things that people do, but we can all make an effort to do these simple good things for another person.

Do you have a story like Richard’s? I would love to hear about it. You can contact me at jhamilton@onegeneration.org.