Today I had the opportunity to present a brief disaster training at the Encino Chamber’s Business and Professionals luncheon at the Monterey.  When we talk about disaster planning, earthquakes are usually the first to pop into your mind.  Earthquakes can be devastating and the damages can run into the billions.  Here in Los Angeles we have an assortment of disasters that can affect us at anytime including flooding, wildfires and wind storms.

ONEgeneration has signed on to participate in the Great Shake Out set for October 17, 2013 at 10:17am.  We will have an agency-wide drill to practice our duck, cover and hold  skills.  The children have an easy time with this, but our frail seniors may not quite want to climb under a table for the sake of a drill.

Every program will modify what they do during the drill to fit the population they serve. Our goal is to bring awareness to families to think about an emergency and how to handle it.  We want families to discuss a plan and let others know about it…neighbors and nearby relatives, so all can be involved and understand what (if any) roles they have.

Next blog…what that family plan looks like.