As we head into the September/October months I want to share what a “Family Emergency Plan” looks like.  A family can be all the people living under one roof…or it can mean your family across town or far away, the people you love and care about.

There are resources for supplies on many websites (water, food, medications, flashlights) that everyone must customize to make getting through an emergency more tolerable, but the component of your Family Plan will be most important as it involves a communication plan- and plan of action should an emergency event occur.

Think first about your most dependent loved ones. This usually means children and elderly parents and grandparents.  If you have a loved one who is disabled, they too will fall into this group.  Do the people who care for your loved ones have a plan? Do you know the plan? Is there a Plan A? Plan B…Pan C?   Do they know YOUR plan? Knowing what you do and where you will be are just as important.  How will you attempt to establish where everyone is and where they may be headed?

One way to do this is to create a few scenarios to talk through.  Children can get involved in these conversations and be a part of the planning.  The scenarios should cover the day (are they at school?), the weekends (wherever your weekend leads you be it a soccer game or an afternoon movie) and everything in between. When you and your family come up with the plans to your scenarios, write them down and share with everyone who needs to know.  Neighbors, teachers, close friends and caregivers should all have a copy in place!  Once the scenarios and plans are in place, it will seem easy to start assembling your emergency stash!