Respecting Your Elders

I recently heard a great story from one of our Adult Day Care Families.  One of our Clients, Richard (88) was going to get a haircut (his daughter Ann drove him to the local barbershop).  Richard has dementia and uses a walker. He has a favorite barber, a kind woman named Julie-and I hear if Julie is not there, he will go home and return another day.   Richard slowly made his way into the barber shop. Julie had a customer who was just getting out of the chair. Richard, not missing a beat, kept right on going, heading for Julie’s station.  He didn’t see the three men waiting their turn for a haircut.  One man saw what was happening, and piped. “Hey, there are three of us ahead of you!”.  Julie shot the three a look and then very politely said, “No, it is his turn.”  All three men sat back and realized that Julie was right…in a world that is full of good people, it was his turn. I smiled when I heard this. I wanted to use this an a great example of how one woman reminded three men about respect for those that may need to take their turn out of order.  Seniors today are living longer, and thriving in their retirement years…but some are frail and need a little extra consideration.  We hear every day about the not so good things that people do, but we can all make an effort to do these simple good things for another person. Do you have a story like Richard’s? I would love to hear about it. You... read more

Preparing for a Disaster Part 2!

As we head into the September/October months I want to share what a “Family Emergency Plan” looks like.  A family can be all the people living under one roof…or it can mean your family across town or far away, the people you love and care about. There are resources for supplies on many websites (water, food, medications, flashlights) that everyone must customize to make getting through an emergency more tolerable, but the component of your Family Plan will be most important as it involves a communication plan- and plan of action should an emergency event occur. Think first about your most dependent loved ones. This usually means children and elderly parents and grandparents.  If you have a loved one who is disabled, they too will fall into this group.  Do the people who care for your loved ones have a plan? Do you know the plan? Is there a Plan A? Plan B…Pan C?   Do they know YOUR plan? Knowing what you do and where you will be are just as important.  How will you attempt to establish where everyone is and where they may be headed? One way to do this is to create a few scenarios to talk through.  Children can get involved in these conversations and be a part of the planning.  The scenarios should cover the day (are they at school?), the weekends (wherever your weekend leads you be it a soccer game or an afternoon movie) and everything in between. When you and your family come up with the plans to your scenarios, write them down and share with everyone who needs to know. ... read more

Preparing for a Disaster!

Today I had the opportunity to present a brief disaster training at the Encino Chamber’s Business and Professionals luncheon at the Monterey.  When we talk about disaster planning, earthquakes are usually the first to pop into your mind.  Earthquakes can be devastating and the damages can run into the billions.  Here in Los Angeles we have an assortment of disasters that can affect us at anytime including flooding, wildfires and wind storms. ONEgeneration has signed on to participate in the Great Shake Out set for October 17, 2013 at 10:17am.  We will have an agency-wide drill to practice our duck, cover and hold  skills.  The children have an easy time with this, but our frail seniors may not quite want to climb under a table for the sake of a drill. Every program will modify what they do during the drill to fit the population they serve. Our goal is to bring awareness to families to think about an emergency and how to handle it.  We want families to discuss a plan and let others know about it…neighbors and nearby relatives, so all can be involved and understand what (if any) roles they have. Next blog…what that family plan looks... read more

Stay cool with ONEgeneration!

“Is it hot enough for you?”  I am not asking that (because it really is hot enough), but because it seems I have heard this all week about the weather and humidity we have been experiencing.  ONEgeneration has a few hundred people to keep cool and comfortable every day.  The youngest baby at 4 months and our oldest senior at 100 years stay cool with our efficiently air cooled rooms thanks to a grant in 2011 from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.  This grant funded our “Cool Roof”, a white reflective coating that saves on cooling costs in the summer by up to 20%.  We have other avenues to keep cool throughout the summer and not just during a heat wave. The childcare program has wacky water-play on Wednesdays and some senior fun is found in lemonade parties and root beer floats in the afternoon.  The Senior Enrichment group can sign up to receive a free fan for their home (thank you again LA DWP) and the center is a designated cooling center for anyone needed to duck out of the heat into the cool environment and have a nice cold drink of water.   The center hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm.  If you need to cool off in the coming days, call 818 708-6625 to see what we have in store for you,  or your loved one whether it is to find something meaningful to do during the day, to ensure a dependent loved one is happy in a secure environment or to make a difference and hear about our programs needing volunteers-we... read more

My first blog!

Today is the official start of my blog to informally chat about what is going on at ONEgeneration.  My hope is that this blog will emerge and  it can be of use to clients and interested parties as they surf the web (do people still say that?). Today we heard great news from Anna Swift, our program director in Adult Day Care and Adult Day Health Care.  The Veteran’s Administration has lifted the freeze on Adult Day Care enrollments.  This benefit to Vets is a life saver for families. As our love ones age and need more assistance, the family member responsible can become overwhelmed. Studies have shown that caregivers are at risk for their own health issues.  Adult Day Care can often be the perfect solution for families. Our Adult Day program provides seniors with meaningful activities to keep physically and mentally active.  The opportunity to interact with the children in our childcare program is a great way for seniors to have a contributing role in activities with the children.  Families have heard about our program and our Adult Day Care staff recently toured about seven families.  If you or anyone you know is struggling with caring for a loved one who needs assistance during the day, give Anna a call at... read more

Adult Day Healthcare Update

On November 17, 2011, the State of California reached a settlement in the lawsuit (Esther Darling, et al. v. Toby Douglas, et al.) challenging the elimination of Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) as a Medi-Cal benefit. ONEgeneration is extremely thankful to the legal team that fought for the preservation of benefits for our participants(Disability Rights California, National Senior Citizens Law Center, National Health Law Program, Morrison & Foerster LLP, and AARP Foundation Litigation). While there will be changes under the settlement agreement, we anticipate that services will be maintained for most of our participants. Under the settlement, ADHC will become a new program called Community Based Adult Services (CBAS) on March 1, 2012. CBAS will have some different rules for participant and provider eligibility. Eventually, CBAS will be offered primarily through Medi-Cal managed care plans. CBAS will be substantially similar to ADHC services and will be available at licensed ADHC centers. Some ADHC clients will be considered “categorically” eligible for CBAS and some others will be “presumptively eligible.” Those “categorically” eligible are individuals who are: 1) Regional Center clients; 2) Multi-Purpose Senior Services Program (MSSP) clients; 3) eligible for Specialty Mental Health services; and/or 4) eligible to receive 195 or more hours of In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) per month. In determining those who are “presumptively” eligible, the Department of Health Care Services (DHC) will be looking at the level of need based upon existing care plans. Individuals not in the “categorically” or “presumptively” eligible categories will be assessed by DHCS nurses before January 20, 2012. These assessments will occur at the ADHC centers in collaboration with ADHC center staff.... read more