Marketing a Senior Program

In August 2013 I attended a morning marketing seminar presented by Hank Yuloff of Promotionally Minded. Hank in on the board of the Encino Chamber of Commerce and conducts these monthly marketing seminars free to the local business community. The information gained at the seminar was valuable, and right away I put into practice one of the recommendations, writing a blog. I was new to “blogging”, but jumped in anyway, and though I missed my goal of a “blog a week”…I still enjoyed writing about the ONEgeneration experience. Senior care, childcare, teens, volunteers, a farmers market, care management, classes, support groups…there was always something interesting to tap into. So fast forward to March 2014. Effective April 1, 2014 I will be pursuing a new path in senior services. I will miss my ONEgeneration family…ONEgeneration-You are the... read more

NAEYC Accreditation

ONEgeneration’s Childcare program is gearing up for the re-accreditation of the center.  The National Association for the Education of Young Children developed the accreditation system in 1985 to raise standards for childcare in group settings. ONEgeneration’s childcare program was first accredited in October of 2000.   The process takes about a year to complete and requires mountains of documentation that the Validator reviews.  The site visit is completed over two days and includes classroom observations, teacher interviews and an extensive safety assessment. The validation visit will be unannounced and should occur sometime in... read more

Intergenerational Pancake Breakfast

Pancakes.  It is that simple. The team at ONEgeneration kicked off Intergenerational Recognition Month with a Pancake Breakfast.  Easy. Simple.  Pancakes and syrup…oh we also had about 40 seniors and 80 kids, so lots of pancakes – but easy on the syrup. As I walked around the room I realized what a perfect Intergenerational activity eating pancakes was…it is a prefect pairing of seniors helping children cut up pancakes so they could eat them.  It was fun (and a little sticky). Often times I will tell others about the benefits of bringing together young children and frail seniors.  The children enjoy the friendships, the undivided adult attention…the seniors enjoy how fun and spontaneous children can be and love having someone that looks up to them, someone that needs them to be there.  The senior has a role again.  Intergenerational programs do not have to be complicated.  It can be as simple as a plate of... read more

Thank you for your generosity!

A dear friend of ONEgeneration stopped by the other day. He was full of wonderful stories about the last several years, and somehow how he became less involved with ONEgeneration. It was simply about life taking its course and taking him in many other directions.  Well, on this day, he found his way back into the JOY center and we had an afternoon reminiscing about the past and looking forward to the future.  And then there was a surprise. To honor his father and step-mother, he made a very generous donation to the ONEgeneration Adult Day Scholarship fund. He didn’t want me to mention his name, so thank you dear friend of ONEgeneration. Your gift will be very much appreciated by the families who utilize our Adult Daycare Services. Bless... read more

Health and Wellness

Happy New Year! I am happy to welcome 2014 and I look forward to working towards keeping this blog fresh and filled with current information.  Today I attended the Encino Chamber of Commerce Health and Wellness Committee meeting. This group (most from non-profits) works all year to bring events to the community that support health and wellness. It is a great to sit around the table with other agencies that provide services for seniors, the blind, the disadvantages and see all the resources the community has to offer. If ONEgeneration can’t provide the service you need-we probably have a referral ready for someone who can assist you and your family to achieve health and wellness. Call our Care Managers if there is anything you need for the senior or young one in your life. If we can’t help, we know someone who can!  Care Managers can be reached at 818... read more

Our Friends at Grandparents As Parents

I had breakfast with Madelyn Gordon, Executive Director of GAP (Grandparents as Parents).  Madelyn is a colleague and a friend, and our breakfast was not only delicious, but full of chatter about our work (hers and mine), our boards, our parents (we both recently lost a parent), kids, grandkids, and how important it is to take a little time for ourselves.  Madelyn and I have similar agencies. ONEgeneration and GAP are both non-profits, both have components of intergenerational relationships, both rely heavily on foundation and donation support, and both are governed by a board of directors.  With me it always comes around to family-this is something that both of our agencies strive so hard to support-families.  Whether you are caring for a loved one who is frail or has cognitive decline, or if you are a grandparent and suddenly find yourself in a parenting role to your grandchildren, our agencies are there with a wide scope of direct service and referrals to assist.  Services at ONEgeneration: (818) 708-6625 or programs at GAP: (818)... read more