Farmers Market News: Market Match partnership with the Ecology Center

The ONEgeneration Encino Farmers Market is proud to announce our new partnership with the Ecology Center and Market Match program. Market Match doubles your CalFresh benefits (up to $10 weekly) that you can use at our market for fruits and vegetables, per family. Our funding in this program is partially provided in partnership with First5LA providing this dollar to dollar match for those families with EBT and children under the age of 5. When you check in at the market gate …of the Encino Farmers Market for your EBT funds, there will be an opportunity to register for this program and earn up to an additional $10 in matching funds to use for fresh fruits and vegetables. Market Match duplica su Cal Fresh en los mercados agricolas particpantes, y permite a su familia comprar mas frutas y verduras. Este programa (solomente a Encino Farmers Market) es para familias con niños menores de 5... read more

Dr. Stern, Geriatrician – December Article

Years ago, before I became a geriatrician, I visited my aunt and uncle in San Diego. On their kitchen counter, I saw more than twenty medicine bottles, some prescription, some over the counter herbals. These all belonged to my aunt. My uncle’s pill bottles were in the cabinet above. I asked them to tell me what the pills were and what they were for. The response was spotty. As I reviewed them, I saw that some were redundant, some not needed at all. I spend time with every new patient, reviewing each medication taken and making sure that each medication is appropriate. I call it “validating the medication regimen”. The body changes as it ages: kidney function decreases, liver function decreases. The body’s ability to cleanse itself of medication and toxins slows down. Older people often take several medications simultaneously and, as a result, the risk of drug interactions and adverse side effects increases. Additionally, there are specific problems for people with dementia. Certain medications, such as antihistamines and antispasmotics may damage cognition and may lead to acute onset of confusion. Familiarity with the Beers Criteria, a list of potentially inappropriate medication for use in older adults, is essential when a doctor is treating elderly patients. After evaluating the medications the patient is taking, the doctor can consider adding new ones. Once it has been determined that the existing medications are appropriate, it is time to consider use of the medications that are FDA approved for the treatment of Alzheimer’s dementia. There are still only two general classes of medication that have been approved. No medications will prevent or... read more

Wells Fargo – Donation to our Music & Memories program

ONEgeneration was recently selected for a $1,000 grant from Wells Fargo as part of their Community Connections Giving program.  This generous gift was combined with a matching gift from an anonymous donor and the combined funds were applied to two new ADC programs –“Music and Memory” and “Person Centered Care.” We have seen many of our seniors respond joyfully to our current music programs. Here is a quote from the Music & Memory website: “We train elder care professionals, how to create and provide personalized playlists using iPods and related digital audio systems that enable those struggling with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive and physical challenges to reconnect with the world through music-triggered memories.”  ONEgeneration is thrilled that our staff will be trained and our facility will become” “Music & Memory” certified. The remaining funds will be used for at least one new table to support programming that fits a “Person Centered Care” model which promotes choice, purpose and meaning. It focuses on clients being supported in achieving a level of physical, mental and psychosocial well-being that is individual and all towards the goal of keeping seniors healthy, engaged and happy. The program is highly endorsed by the California Association of Adult Day Centers. We would like to thank Wells Fargo and our anonymous donor for their generous gifts to ONEgeneration.  The funds will bring about many smiles and enable seniors to age in place longer.  Together, we share the... read more

Encino Farmers Market – Kendor Farms

Humans have been eating eggs from birds since prehistoric times and chicken eggs are without a doubt the most common popular. Perhaps no other food on the planet is as universal as the egg. Statistics have shown that six billion eggs are consumed annually-and that’s just in the United States! As for its nutritional value, eggs are hard to beat for their compact size, portability and variety of uses. If you want to get the most of the egg’s nutrients, go for the freshest eggs available. Like they say, fresh is best – Check out Kendor Farms Fresh Chicken & Eggs at the Encino Farmer’s Market every Sunday.  Pick up some fresh veggies for an... read more

What is a Geriatrician?

A geriatrician is a physician who is specifically trained to deal with the health needs of the elderly. As we age, the number of chronic medical problems we face tends to increase. There may be one or several conditions present at the same time. As the number of chronic medical conditions increases, so will the number of medications required to treat them. At the same time the body’s ability to handle medications decreases with age. A further complication is that medicines may interact in ways that compromise their effectiveness. Geriatric training emphasizes the risks and potential for adverse reactions associated with the use of the multiple medications specific to the elderly. With each new patient I see, we review the medical history and, after a full physical exam, we consider how best to proceed. The difference between a general internist and a geriatrician is the additional care taken with the investigation of cognitive function, gait and balance disorder, as well as the psychological and social problems that often arise in the elderly population. Care is taken to involve the family, as well as the patient, in all discussions. The stronger the support system, and the better all are informed, the better the outcome. The goal is to help each patient maintain a safe and healthy independence. Article provided by Dr. Stern,... read more

ONEgeneration NAEYC Accreditation

Here at ONEgeneration we just had our NAEYC visit!  Our daily goal is to strive for and maintain NAEYC standards. We also have spent tireless and endless hours documenting and organizing our programs to meet NAEYC criteria. To be more exact, each classroom has a portfolio with over 417 documentation of criteria that relates to the following standards:  teachers, teaching, assessment, relationships, curriculum, physical, environment, health, leadership, families and communities. Nationwide, less than 9% of the preschools are NAEYC accredited. One of the reasons behind this low accreditation rate is the fact that many preschools do not meet the NAEYC standards which are much higher than state licensing standards. An example of these higher standards are teacher qualifications.  NAEYC requires teachers to have a minimum of an Associate of Arts Degree in Child Development, (the requirements change to a Bachelor’s of Art Degree in Child Development by 2020) while the minimum requirement to become a teacher in the state of California is only 12 core child development units. NAEYC requires a 1:3 teacher to student ratio for the infants while the State of California only requires a 1:4 teacher to student.  Starting at the age of two the teacher to student ratio for NAEYC approval is 1:6 while that for the State of California is 1:12.  It is clear to see that the standards set by NAEYC set the stage for high quality care which every child needs and deserves and which is also our mission at ONEgeneration. We eagerly await the results of our NAEYC accreditation visit and will update you in our September... read more