ONEgeneration Presentation at the American Society on Aging Conference (ASA)

The Aging in America Conference was held in San Francisco this March.  ASA’s Aging in America Conference is the nation’s largest and most dynamic multidisciplinary event known for its comprehensive view of the issues, challenges and opportunities in aging. It is the place to connect with peers, refresh your knowledge and gain new perspectives. We invite you to join our conference community of nearly 3,000 multidisciplinary professionals who, like you, are working to improve the lives of older adults. ONEgeneration was honored to present at this year’s American Society on Aging Conference in San Francisco on our unique Intergenerational Programs in conjunction with our partner Sages & Seekers. Thank you to Generations United for supporting us as a Program of Distinction at this conference. We hope this information provided to other senior services agencies promotes the positive outcomes of Intergenerational... read more

ONEgeneration named Best Nonprofit by the LA Daily News Readers 2017

For the 6th year in a row we are so grateful to the readers of the Los Angeles Daily News for choosing ONEgeneration as the Best 2017 Non-Profit in Los Angeles County!  For a look at our recognition in the online version of the annual special Best Of LA issue please CLICK HERE      ... read more

Red Cross Blood Drive at the Encino Farmers Market

The Encino Farmers Market is hosting a Red Cross LA Blood Drive on Sunday October 8th from 8am to 2pm.  Interested donors can register at  and enter sponsor code: onegeneration  to schedule an appointment. Blood drives are needed in this time of national and international disasters and help to replenish local supplies. Shopping at the Encino Farmers Market supports the programs offered by ONEgeneration.  We appreciate your... read more

2017 Community Needs Assessment Survey – City of Los Angeles

All of Los Angeles is constantly in motion, sometimes this includes even the ground beneath our feet.  The constant movement makes living in LA interesting, but also challenging.  One challenge is that LA is consistently ranked in the top for costs of living, and families with lower incomes are often disproportionately affected. The City receives four federal grants to invest in housing, job creation, public building and street improvements, social services, and other programs that serve people with lower incomes. This important survey is one of the tools that will help the City of Los Angeles prioritize the needs of communities and decide how the steadily diminishing federal grant funds should be used. If you visit, live, work, attend school, or do business in the City of Los Angeles, please take a few minutes to complete this opportunity to share your thoughts.  Your participation is appreciated!... read more

Virtual Dementia Tour – An interactive experience presented by Homewatch CareGivers

ONEgeneration was fortunate to have this unique experience available at our 9th Annual Senior Symposium on Saturday May 20th, 2017.  Seniors, family members and caregivers were given a glimpse into the challenges their loved ones with dementia face daily. What Is the Virtual Dementia Tour Program? We Will Change the Perception of Aging “The Virtual Dementia Tour”  (VDT) was created by R.K. Beville, M.S., and was developed by the company she founded, Second Wind Dreams, a Georgia based charity that is dedicated to changing the perceptions of aging. Homewatch CareGivers of Thousand Oaks is partnering with Second Winds Dreams to provide the Virtual Dementia Tour in order to promote a heightened awareness of dementia, improve the quality of care for those living with dementia and aid in maintaining the dignity and independence of local seniors. The Tour gives able people a chance to feel what those with failing senses endure on a daily basis. Homewatch CareGivers is presenting the Tour to healthcare professional & caregivers, family caregivers and the public so they can have a deeper understanding of dementia and to help them move form “sympathy to empathy.” If  “walking in another’s shoes” is the key to empathy, try literally walking with the tingling soles of a person with neuropathy, or writing a note with fumbling fingers, or trying to select what to wear when you can’t discern colors. Each participant wears encumbrances that temporarily impair them both physically and cognitively while attempting to perform routine everyday tasks. While doing the Tour they become completely disoriented and disconcerted. Their brain just won’t do what they want it to do.... read more

Senior Center Quest/World Issues Discussion Group

Quest / World Issues Thursdays  1:00 – 2:30 pm Moderated by Sam Behmoiras This discussion group is one of the most popular classes at OSEC, with people showing up a half an hour before the start time to claim a seat. Sam, a former university professor, has been moderating for the past couple of years and the participant seem to love him. Once in a while someone else wants to step up and moderate and Sam is fine with that, because usually the seniors will clamor for Sam to come back and do it after all. Sam brings a list of possible discussion topics, issues he has gleaned from the news and conversation. This list is usually just a backup, since someone will start by raising their hand and introducing a topic. Sam will only recognize those with their hands up, and interruptions are not allowed, though they do happen. In fact the discussions can become quite heated, but a general sense of consideration and humor seems to prevail. But Sam does make it clear, “if you do not follow the rules, you have to leave the room.” If a topic veers into an area too controversial or unpleasant, Sam will suggest a subject change, or sometimes the one subject will lead into another, or just talk itself out. In a recent class, the subject was changed 10 times in the 90 minute session. The class is so popular, says Sam, because “people like to get the opportunity to speak their minds.” Though the class has its regular stalwarts, there are always some new faces at each meeting. Some... read more