Here at ONEgeneration we just had our NAEYC visit!  Our daily goal is to strive for and maintain NAEYC standards. We also have spent tireless and endless hours documenting and organizing our programs to meet NAEYC criteria. To be more exact, each classroom has a portfolio with over 417 documentation of criteria that relates to the following standards:  teachers, teaching, assessment, relationships, curriculum, physical, environment, health, leadership, families and communities.

Nationwide, less than 9% of the preschools are NAEYC accredited. One of the reasons behind this low accreditation rate is the fact that many preschools do not meet the NAEYC standards which are much higher than state licensing standards.

An example of these higher standards are teacher qualifications.  NAEYC requires teachers to have a minimum of an Associate of Arts Degree in Child Development, (the requirements change to a Bachelor’s of Art Degree in Child Development by 2020) while the minimum requirement to become a teacher in the state of California is only 12 core child development units.

NAEYC requires a 1:3 teacher to student ratio for the infants while the State of California only requires a 1:4 teacher to student.  Starting at the age of two the teacher to student ratio for NAEYC approval is 1:6 while that for the State of California is 1:12.  It is clear to see that the standards set by NAEYC set the stage for high quality care which every child needs and deserves and which is also our mission at ONEgeneration. We eagerly await the results of our NAEYC accreditation visit and will update you in our September newsletter!