Today is the official start of my blog to informally chat about what is going on at ONEgeneration.  My hope is that this blog will emerge and  it can be of use to clients and interested parties as they surf the web (do people still say that?).

Today we heard great news from Anna Swift, our program director in Adult Day Care and Adult Day Health Care.  The Veteran’s Administration has lifted the freeze on Adult Day Care enrollments.  This benefit to Vets is a life saver for families. As our love ones age and need more assistance, the family member responsible can become overwhelmed. Studies have shown that caregivers are at risk for their own health issues.  Adult Day Care can often be the perfect solution for families. Our Adult Day program provides seniors with meaningful activities to keep physically and mentally active.  The opportunity to interact with the children in our childcare program is a great way for seniors to have a contributing role in activities with the children.  Families have heard about our program and our Adult Day Care staff recently toured about seven families.  If you or anyone you know is struggling with caring for a loved one who needs assistance during the day, give Anna a call at 818-708-6635.