Pancakes.  It is that simple. The team at ONEgeneration kicked off Intergenerational Recognition Month with a Pancake Breakfast.  Easy. Simple.  Pancakes and syrup…oh we also had about 40 seniors and 80 kids, so lots of pancakes – but easy on the syrup.

As I walked around the room I realized what a perfect Intergenerational activity eating pancakes was…it is a prefect pairing of seniors helping children cut up pancakes so they could eat them.  It was fun (and a little sticky).

Often times I will tell others about the benefits of bringing together young children and frail seniors.  The children enjoy the friendships, the undivided adult attention…the seniors enjoy how fun and spontaneous children can be and love having someone that looks up to them, someone that needs them to be there.  The senior has a role again.  Intergenerational programs do not have to be complicated.  It can be as simple as a plate of pancakes.