ONEgeneration is very pleased to announce the expansion of its program offerings with the addition of Grandparents as Parents (GAP). For 31 years, GAP has provided impactful support, services, and advocacy to meet the needs of grandparents (and other relatives) who are raising children at risk. The transition is effective July 1, 2018. GAP services will resume after a short hiatus on July 9, 2018.

“The strategic alignment of our complementary programs, innovative services, and person-centered organizational cultures will bring new synergy to the advancement of our shared goals and “intergenerational missions’,” says ONEgeneration CEO, Eva Goetz. “It is a privilege to welcome GAP into the ONEgeneration family of programs and to bring together our combined 70 years of diligent service to our communities’ vulnerable individuals and families.”

“Joining ONEgeneration is a tremendous opportunity to maximize GAP’s financial resources and improve efficiencies,” adds GAP Executive Director, Carmen Garcia Hoffman. “It will strengthen GAP’s community impact by extending geographic reach and access to a greater range of services for the 2,500 families served by GAP each year.”

ONEgeneration is committed to the well-being of our community and the integration of GAP into our family of intergenerational programs.