August at the Encino Farmers Market

It’s August and the market is bursting with sweet summer fruits.  Yummy peaches, nectarines, plums, plutos and grapes are all at their best now. Melons seem to be extra sweet this year, especially watermelons.  Surprisingly watermelons are one of those crops that are less water-intensive to grow, they originated in West Africa so they are used to hot dry weather.  Loaded with vitamin A & C they also have a good amount of iron and calcium.  Underwood Farm is well-known for their melon varieties so stop by this Sunday and try one or two.   We would also like to welcome a new vendor in our food court, Thai BBQ Chicken, they offer delicious grilled chicken with a side of salad or rice and their homemade salsa. The chicken is moist and tasty and seasoned with their secret seasoning.

We would like to welcome our New Orchid vendor’s Mary and Henry to the ONEgeneration Encino Farmers Market! Come by any Sunday from 8am-1pm to check out their beautiful plants!